Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our Regular Columns

by Mother Bumper

Follow one mother’s attempt to lessen her impact on the planet

Do you try your best to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle but never feel like you are doing enough? Confounded by the new fashion of organic everything? I know I am. This city has many sustainable alternatives to offer and I’ll help navigate through the myriad of information out there.
If we are going to make this planet a better place to live we need to share ideas about how we are doing it. Some of the best advice I received is “teach don’t preach”. I’m not a radical environmentalist, I don’t have a background in sustainable living, heck – I’m actually quite lazy. My lifestyle is nowhere near perfect but I’m doing the best with the resources I’ve got (well, kind of). Through my posts I’d like to share my new knowledge and research and I’d love to hear from others on how they are doing it. Mahatma Gandhi said it best: “We must become the change we want to see.”

Comfort Zone by Something Blue (and daddy blogger guest, Niloc)

Dig into your goodie bag for something to ponder.

Comfort Zone offers another perspective to popular culture, current issues and parenting. I will expose my perspective on a variety of hot topics. I would like to encourage every viewpoint and hopefully readers will be stirred to share their own experiences and ideas.

Monthly, this column occassionally features "Another Angle" segment with a male standpoint given by my husband, Niloc. At parties he's had to wear the nametag Mr. Opinionated. We will offer blog debate as we often share opposing ideas. Working out our issues should provide humor. Our intention is not to create the same vibe as finding yourself in the middle of a public row but we will accept free marriage counseling.

It is what it is by Mouse

How does an American lesbian in Toronto balance graduate school and motherhood?

The idea: Mouse and her wife move themselves and their preschooler North to a country where they can avoid the increasingly nasty politics back home, be recognized as a legally married couple with all attendant rights and responsibilities, and Mouse can take another stab at that PhD she’s been eyeing. It’ll be easy.
The reality: Life doesn’t get any easier. New scenery, new routines, new challenges. Nothing earth-shattering, but it sure can test Mouse’s attempts to be level-headed and calm. Which is why she must frequently remind herself, “It is what it is.”

Mom About Town by Metro Mama

As moms, we have precious little me-time. Let’s use it well.

Tuck in the little ones, pour yourself a cocktail and join Metro Mama as she savors good books, movies, theatre, and wine. Together we’ll explore our great city’s many cultural offerings; we’ll figure out what works with babe and when it’s best to fly solo. Let’s resolve to watch more foreign films, turn up our noses at Dan Brown, and read more Can Lit. Housework can wait. Forget the laundry. This is mommy time.

Mothering In Midtown by Naomi (Urban Mummy)

Mom of two boys in midtown Toronto. Part time teacher, part time
student, part time entrepreneur, full time mom...figuring out how to fit
it all in!

Not the grit of downtown, nor the expanse of the suburbs, midtown
Toronto has a character all its own. Find the fun, navigate the angst
with me, as I look for new places to go, things to do, and people to
meet. This teacher & mum is trying to find the balance we all
crave...with mixed results. Join me along my road to mother's
sure to be an interesting ride!

Pick of the Litter by Kittenpie

MommyBlogsToronto’s own Children’s Librarian lets you in on some great stuff for kids

Do you sometimes find yourself in a library or bookstore, standing in front of a dizzying array of colourful titles and feeling a bit lost?
Pick of the Litter is here to recommend favourites old and new.
Occasional author spotlights will point the way to a whole shelf full of greatness to read through, a wonderful way to introduce children to the idea of favourite writers.
I will also post periodic shortlists of titles on hot topics for parent-child discussion – if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, feel free to ask.
The librarian is in!

The Bee’s Knees by Penelope

Great products that are good for the wallet and the earth.

I will search out unique products for moms and babes with a special emphasis on earth-friendly, reasonably-priced fare. Each of these products will be tested and reviewed fairly.

Toronto Mamas Give Good Karma by Sandra

For GTA moms who want to take action. Kid-friendly volunteering, charity events, and social activism you even can do from your couch!

Looking for some good Karma to make up for cutting off that SUV last week? How about to counter-balance those fantasies of running away with Dr. McDreamy? Toronto Mamas Give Good Karma is guide for local moms who want to take action to make our city, and our children’s world, a better place. Becoming a mom can make watching all the bad news stories unbearable … this is our chance to do something about it.Sandra will take you on a virtual tour of GTA kid-friendly volunteer opportunities and charitable events for moms. Not enough hours in the day? No problem. We’ll also share lots of social activism you can do right from your couch.

Toronto Mamas making a difference.

by Crazymumma

Trans Am-driving mama trying to strike a balance between family, making art and getting back into shape.

Crazymumma has been doing the Stay at Home mummy thing for almost ten years, and is only making art again after a long hiatus. She is also packing a few extra pounds.
Add to the mix two extremely talkative girls, one a tween and one a five year old. As well as a husband who likes a lot of loving, a fish that will not die, a hamster, a cat, and a big old dusty house and you have one busy woman.