Friday, January 05, 2007

Great Winter Boots Are Just a Stonz Throw Away

by Karen

If you are anything like me, than the task of having to find winter boots for your toddler is met with about the same amount of enthusiasm (and pain) as getting a bikini wax. Thing is, you can always pass on the bikini wax. Pass on winter boots for a kid being raised in Toronto? Not so much.

Finding the right boots for your child’s first winter of mobility can be daunting, so as we neared the end of September and I still had not found the right boots for my now-18 month old daughter (I like to call her Bee), I began to get concerned. I had 3 criteria for boots for Bee, and so far I had not found any that were the right fit. I wanted boots were a) soft-soled, b) durable and c) warm. Oh, and they had to be easy for me to put on, but tough for Bee to take off.

We all know how fast winter can arrive in Toronto, so I was relieved and excited to find Stonz.

Stonz were developed by two Canadian moms in BC, who were looking for exactly what I was, and couldn’t find it. I worried and complained; they developed a fantastic product for Canadian babies.

Essentially, Stonz are water-proof, fleece bags for your baby’s feet, and they are pure genius. Oh, and did I mention that they are cute as hell?

But of course, there is much more to them: Stonz are a fleece-lined, soft-soled, machine washable, slip-proof bootie that are adjusted and secured by elasticized toggles at the calf and ankle. The sole is waterproof and the upper is water and wind resistant. They are lightweight and can be worn on their own, or over slippers, shoes or anything else your baby might be wearing.

At $44.95 + GST, you get your money’s worth with Stonz. And, listen up: If you say no thanks to packaging, you get free shipping. Seriously, how can you pass on that offer? This green mama is pleased. (You can find Stonz at a few stores in the t-dot, but I’d recommend ordering on-line. The price is the same and you can ditch the packaging.)

Bee has been wearing hers (Flowers) since it got really cold, even though as I write this, we have yet to have seen snow (knock wood). Once the snow falls, I look forward to being able to put shoes or slippers on underneath, and easily taking her booties off in the car, or anywhere else I’d rather melting snow not drip.

Good for your wallet, good the earth, and most of all, good for your babe. Almost makes me excited for winter. Almost.


Karen is a T.O. copywriter, blogger, crafter, wife and mother to the lovely and clever Bumblebee, 18 months. While not busy with any of the above, she enjoys coffee with friends and friends with coffee.


Mouse said...

We will definitely be ordering these for the next baby. And how neat to see a company that's willing, even eager, to ditch the packaging!

Mother Bumper said...

Those are so cool (I'd like the camouflage ones for Bumper) and the fact that it's (1) a Canadian company and (2) they will ditch the packaging for free shipping just makes them even more attractive. Great find!

something blue said...

I really like these boots! Could you please tell me where I can place my order for snow? I haven't even bothered to find Buttercup's boots yet this season.

When it's January and you have double digit plus temperatures, it seems like something has gone completely wacky. No it could never be global warming says our fearless leaders.

metro mama said...

I wish I'd seen this before I bought Cakes' boots that she can barely walk in.

Bri said...

that looks like a great idea, too bad I've already bought Sam's boots which she actually does like as they are light as air, unfortunately she only gets to wear them in the house since we have NO SNOW!!!!